Regulation of operation and conduct


The various terms referred to in this Regulation are defined:

– Aquapark / Complex: the set of facilities, intended for relaxation and leisure, named “Amazonia Aquapark”, located in Timișoara, str. Avram Imbroane no. 56, including access roads, parking, walkways, outdoor beach with pools, green spaces and sports fields, spaces where food and drink can be consumed, accommodation spaces, all indoor facilities (covered), meaning pools, slides, saunas, relaxation spaces, to which the visiting public has access, but also the rest of the premises, contained within the property limits of the complex and all spaces intended exclusively for salaried staff;

– Pool: Swimming pool; water tank, intended for bathing or swimming, both with thermal water and with treated water, which does not have the properties of thermal water;

– The company: the commercial company “AMAZONIA AQUAPARK SRL”, which owns, administers and manages the Aquapark;

– Visitor: any of the customers of the Aquapark, who wants to benefit from the facilities offered by it and is not an employee of the company that administers and manages the Aquapark;


The regulation of internal order and conduct inside the Aquapark is mandatory for all Aquapark visitors, without exception, during the use of the swimming pools and all the other attractions, but also in all the spaces on the property on which it is located, including:

  • on the car and pedestrian access road, from the entrance from str. Avram Imbroane;
  • in the car park;
  • in the entrance area to the inner space and the house sector;
  • in the locker room;
  • in areas where food and drink are served;
  • in accommodation.

Considering the fact that the Aquapark wants to offer visitors an optimal setting for relaxation, but also for sports and recreational activities, the purpose of this Regulation of internal order and conduct is to ensure the security and integrity of people and their goods, as well as order, the proper cleanliness and hygiene of such a space, so that visitors can fully benefit from all the facilities offered by the Aquapark.

In order to benefit safely and comfortably from the facilities of the Aquapark, it is necessary for you, as a visitor, to accept, to assume, but above all to respect all the rules contained in these Regulations. By paying the price of the entrance ticket, respectively by receiving the wristband for visitors, you, as a visitor of the Aquapark (Inside the building, in the accommodation spaces, or in the adjacent external spaces, including the car park), express your consent regarding these Regulations of internal order and conduct and you undertake to fully comply with all the rules set out below, which it is presumed and assumed that you have read and understood them in their entirety, by simply entering the Aquapark premises, considering that the Regulations are displayed in perfectly visible places, on all internal and external access ways, on your own web page and in your social media accounts. In this context, the purchase of an access ticket and/or receiving the access wristband expresses consent for full compliance with those contained in these Regulations, but also the assumption of bearing the consequences of non-compliance with any of these rules. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY OF THE Aquapark RULES, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER IN THE Aquapark!

Observance of this Regulation falls under the exclusive responsibility of the visitors, who fully assume the consequences of any accidents or unfortunate events that occurred due to non-compliance with any of the clauses contained in this Regulation. It is taken into account that the Aquapark staff is not objectively able to ensure that visitors comply with these Rules, given the large number of visitors. At the request of visitors, Aquapark staff can guide them or offer suggestions.

We appreciate that by expressing consent, as a result of purchasing the entrance ticket and/or accepting the access wristband, you, as visitors, accept the fact that, during the use of the sports and leisure facilities within the Aquapark and due to the specifics of these activities, there are the possibility of accidents by slipping and/or hitting in/on slides, in pools/on the edge of pools, on wet/damp surfaces, in high-temperature spaces, etc. In these circumstances, your consent entails bearing all the consequences of such possible accidents. The staff of the Aquapark will only be liable for the consequences of accidents causing bodily harm, caused by actions or omissions of the Aquapark, contrary to these Regulations.

The Aquapark staff does not have the objective possibility to check and ascertain the health status of the visitors, therefore the expression of consent is also equivalent to the awareness by each visitor of his own health status and the fact that it is suitable for sports and/or recreational activities that can be practiced within the Aquapark.

The expression of consent is made for each visitor who is of age and of sound judgment by him and for minors or persons with limited judgment, by their legal guardians.


It is mandatory to respect all traffic rules provided for in the Romanian legislation in force, applicable to traffic on public roads, in all areas accessible to vehicles, within the Aquapark premises, meaning access roads, alleys, parking, roundabouts. They are prohibited:

  • failure to observe the meaning of road signs;
  • parking or parking outside the specially designated areas, even partially;
  • parking without observing the parking space markings;
  • standing with the engine running for more than 5 minutes;
  • blocking traffic and access routes;
  • loud use of sound systems in motor vehicles;
  • throwing waste from vehicles;

The car park is exclusively for Aquapark visitors and can be used half an hour before opening time and half an hour after closing time.

Along the access roads, in the parking lot and in the spaces in front of the cash register, including any behavior contrary to the rules of social coexistence, throwing any waste or unnecessary objects on the floor, obscene gestures or language, physical or verbal violence is prohibited.

The Aquapark’s public hours are set by the management and are publicly posted in the entrance hall and on the Aquapark’s own website. The duration of access depends on the rates paid and visitors can purchase different packages of services. If the duration paid in advance is exceeded, the corresponding additional amount will be paid later, when leaving the premises. Access to the complex is allowed until at the latest one and a half hours before closing time on the day in question. Closing time is the time at which all visitors must leave the premises. The use of the pools, slides and saunas ends 30 minutes before closing time and you must leave these areas at that time.

The Aquapark reserves the right to temporarily limit/restrict the access of cars to the parking area as well as the access of visitors to the premises if the maximum operating capacity has been reached, until the available places are released.

When entering the Aquapark you must make sure you have your bathing suit, proposop and slippers/slippers, which are only to be worn inside the complex, and the staff have the right to check that you have them, otherwise you may be denied access. At the Aquapark you can rent a bathrobe and a bathrobe for a fee.

In situations that require such measures, meaning technical failures, cleaning, technical overhaul, or other unforeseen events that would prevent the normal use of the Aquapark facilities, the management of the company may at any time limit the use and offers of the Aquapark, in whole or in part. In such cases, you may not request a reduction or refund of the entrance fee or make any other material claims. Also, if certain areas of the venue are closed due to closed-circuit events, there is no right to a refund or reduction of the entrance fee.

Exclusively for safety reasons, the areas inside the Aquapark are monitored by video cameras. The records can only be accessed in case of suspicion, by the authorized persons and/or by the control and research bodies of the State, according to the applicable regulations and in compliance with the GDPR rules. They serve the safety and protection of visitor property as well as the Aquapark.

Persons who, due to serious physical or mental disabilities, are helpless or require supervision may visit the Aquapark only in the presence of an adult accompanying person, who assumes full responsibility for the accompanied person and whose consent is supplemented by the consent of the accompanied person.

It is also forbidden to enter the Aquapark for:

  • people suffering from conditions that can cause temporary loss of consciousness, seizures or other such conditions;
  • people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
  • people suffering from contagious diseases, people with open wounds, rashes or diseases that may offend the public;
  • people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • people with very poor hygiene, disturbing to others.

If you find yourself in such a situation and do not declare it at the entrance, you assume full responsibility for any distortion of your health or any other accident that occurred in the Aquapark premises, as well as for any invitation to leave the premises addressed by to staff.

Children under the age of 14 who are not accompanied by an adult are not allowed. In the case of all minors (under 18), the responsibility for damages or accidents caused by them as well as for compliance with the Regulation is borne by the parents, or, in their absence, by the guardian, even if the parents or guardian do not accompany the child. Parents or adults accompanying minors are directly responsible for the safety and supervision of the children and are obliged to read and explain to the children the general instructions as well as those dedicated separately to the facilities. The parents (respectively the persons who accompany the children in the absence of the parents) will go up with the children every time to the starting platform for the slides to ensure the correct position of the respective child at the start of the race. The parents (respectively the persons who accompany the children in the absence of the parents) will go up with the children every time to the starting platform for the slides to ensure the correct position of the respective child at the start of the race. In terms of the applicability of admission fees, “child” is considered to be a person between 3 and 14 years of age.

Non-swimmers are not allowed unless accompanied by a swimmer. The accompanying person will closely supervise the non-swimmer. If you do not know how to swim and do not declare this at the entrance and then access the Aquapark facilities, you assume full responsibility for your health, safety and integrity.

No animals of any kind are allowed.

It is forbidden to enter the Aquapark with:

a) Lethal or non-lethal firearms and any other weapons, any object capable or apparently capable of launching projectiles or causing injury, such as (by way of example): all firearms, air, ball, industrial, signal ( pistols, revolvers, carbines, rifles, etc.); copies and imitation firearms; bows, crossbows, catapults; harpoons; paralyzing or neutralizing devices; Taser weapons, firearm imitations or lighters, etc.

b) Pointed/Edged Objects/Weapons and Edged Objects – any pointed or bladed object that can cause injury, such as (for example): axes/axemen; darts and darts; crampons/skates; spears; hammers; hacksaws with blades of any length; knives; machetes; razors and blades; swords, swords, machetes; scissors with blades longer than 6 cm; craft tools that can be used as weapons, such as drills and drill bits, cutters, utility knives, saws, screwdrivers, pickaxes, hammers, pliers, spanners, sockets and adjustable wrenches, torches; glass products.

c) Blunt objects — any blunt object capable of causing injury by impact, such as: clubs; clubs, sticks, clubs, paddles, cues, fishing rods, equipment specific to martial arts.

d) Explosive or flammable substances — any explosive or flammable substance that poses a risk to the health of visitors, such as: ammunition; detonating objects and fuses; explosives, grenades, gas containers; fireworks; pyrotechnic articles (including firecrackers and firecrackers); fumes or fuels, such as petrol or diesel.

e) Chemical and toxic substances — any chemical or toxic substances that pose a risk to visitors’ health or biological danger, such as: acids and alkaloids, corrosive substances, mercury, chlorine; paralyzing or neutralizing sprays; radioactive materials; poisons; infectious or biological hazards — infected blood, bacteria, viruses.

It is forbidden to temporarily leave the premises, after the cash registers or through areas not intended for traffic, except in justified cases of short duration, which are authorized by the staff at the houses (e.g. waiting for people who need to be accompanied, items left in the car, etc.) . It is forbidden to temporarily leave the premises to smoke.

Luggage and personal items not intended for use in the Aquapark should be left by visitors in the individual lockers allocated by the reception staff. Access to the relaxation areas beyond the showers is only allowed with hand luggage containing objects intended for use for specific activities within the Complex with a maximum size of 25×35 cm. Visitors will allow staff to visually or tactilely check the contents of carry-on baggage upon request to ensure that there are no items in it that are not permitted inside the Complex. Access with a bag/purse larger than 25X35 cm is only allowed to accompanying children aged 0-5 years for items intended for the care of these children.

Due to the limited size of each individual locker, in order to ensure that as many lockers as possible are available, bulky luggage can be left in the special large luggage room. The visitor will receive a unique tag to leave in the cloakroom so that luggage does not get lost. The visitor can retrieve luggage left in the special room only on the basis of the tag. In case of loss of the tag, the luggage is not recovered immediately but only after Aquapark staff has received sufficient assurances and proof that the luggage belongs to the person claiming it.

Amounts paid are not refundable and are not compensated by entrance fees or other services or products already paid. Vouchers or other access documents that have been lost or not used within the validity period will not be refunded or replaced. When you order a service or product (including food/drink), you are obliged to check the information on the order receipt; also, the cash refund will be checked immediately upon receipt of the receipt; subsequent complaints will not be taken into account. Non-food products cannot be sampled and the packaging cannot be unsealed. Non-food products can only be returned or exchanged if the packaging has not been broken/sealed.

Visitors are responsible for ensuring that they meet the conditions for access and the various services offered by the Aquapark and that they are aware of the rules of the complex (e.g. – swimwear is available, they are old enough to use a particular facility, etc.). It is up to the visitors to inform themselves about the additional charges specific to the passage from one area to another of the Complex as well as the additional charges for various services and products. No refund of amounts paid on the grounds that a certain rule or condition for the use of the facilities was not known.

Aquapark special offers of any kind, permanent or temporary, are not cumulative.

The access bracelet and rented/borrowed items must be kept by each visitor to avoid loss. The access wristband shall be worn on the hand and not elsewhere on the body throughout the stay, including during baths, and shall not be left unattended. Failure to comply with these provisions implies, in the event of loss, culpable conduct on the part of the visitor. Proof of proper fulfilment of the retention obligation will be provided, in case of dispute, by the visitor. At the end of the visit, the bracelet shall be handed in by the person who wore it (it is not acceptable to hand in more than one bracelet by a single person, except for persons accompanying children or other persons who need to be accompanied).

In case of loss or destruction of the bracelet, a compensation of 200 lei (if the visitor knows and specifies the bracelet number) or 400 lei (if the visitor does not specify the bracelet number) will be paid. In case of loss of a rented bathrobe a compensation of 125 Iei will be paid. In case of loss of a rented towel a compensation of 85 lei will be paid. The same amounts will be paid for each of the above mentioned products in case of damage to the product such that the damage cannot be remedied by washing/cleaning. Loss/damage fees are shown in the current price list.

Payment of the entrance ticket entitles access only to the area for which the ticket has been purchased and does not entitle you to other areas or to additional services or programmes (such as towel, bathing suit, food, drink, etc.), which are purchased separately. The facilities located in a specific area of the Aquapark are intended exclusively for visitors who have purchased access rights for that area and may not be used by other visitors.

In the Aquapark no reservations are made for the facilities of the complex, except as expressly stated on the website or in promotional materials (e.g. reservations are allowed for massage services or accommodation facilities). Booked massages can be cancelled up to 90 minutes in advance, otherwise the cost of this service will be charged.

The access fee does not guarantee the availability of a deckchair in the Aquapark, as they can be occupied within the limits of available places.

It is forbidden to occupy a sun lounger without the occupant being present (e.g. it is not allowed to reserve by placing a towel or object on the free lounger), in certain areas of the Complex, marked accordingly. In these areas, you are required to vacate the lounger (i.e. remove your belongings from the lounger) if you leave it unused for any period of time outside the use of the facilities in the Complex. In the respective areas, if you leave personal belongings on or near the sunbed without being present, you expressly agree that the Aquapark staff has the right to take the goods left by you on or near the sunbed and place them and leave them at the storage points specifically intended for these goods The storage points for the goods taken from the sunbeds will be marked accordingly.


Visitors are obliged to behave in such a way that the safety, peace, order, hygiene and cleanliness of the Aquapark premises are not endangered.

Attractions and facilities (e.g. slides, playgrounds, saunas, restrooms, etc.) can only be accessed/used during the allocated opening hours for each. The instruction plates of all attractions and requests from the staff, issued in accordance with these Rules, shall be observed. It is also compulsory to respect the special regulations of some of the facilities/attractions, which are posted visibly at the place of each such facility/attraction (e.g. slides, playgrounds, saunas, etc.).

Given the need for tiled floors, but also the wet environment, given the specifics of the location, Aquapark warns that there is an increased risk of slipping throughout the premises. Every visitor should be aware of the increased risk of accidents on the premises due to wet/wet surfaces. That’s why visitors will have extra attention in the pool, slide and bathing areas.

In view of the previous paragraph, it is recommended that visitors wear non-slip/anti-slip shoes/slippers at all times in all areas of the Aquapark. Parents and carers who have other persons or children in their care will be responsible for the wearing of non-slip shoes/slippers by children and persons in their care or supervision. If you, as a visiting customer, do not comply with this rule, you assume all damages/injuries and damages caused by the non-compliance and exempt the Aquapark from any liability in this regard. After changing in the changing rooms, in any area of the Aquapark it is not allowed to wear street shoes or shoes that have been worn outside. No footwear is to be worn in the saunas, and a towel is to be placed under the feet when standing on the tiered benches.

Depending on the number of visitors present in the premises, the Aquapark staff will decide on the possibility of using sports, play or animation objects (balls, diving equipment, etc.). If the Aquapark staff informs you that the use of a sport, play or animation object is not allowed you will have to comply.

If you, as a visitor, find the cabin, changing room or any other space with problems of cleanliness or integrity, you must notify the staff immediately.

As a rule, the changing cabins will be used by one person, with the following exceptions: parents (respectively other persons who take care of children) can accompany children under 14 years old; people accompanying other people who need assistance.

Every visitor to the Aquapark is obliged to use the showers before entering the pools and slides area, regardless of whether or not they use the facilities in this area.

Only clothing appropriate for the area will be used in the various areas of the Complex as follows:

  • street/outdoor clothing is strictly forbidden in all areas except the changing booth area. Also, starting from the house area it is forbidden to enter with a bathing suit that has been worn outside the Aquapark;
  • in pool and slide areas, light clothing not previously worn outside is permitted without entering the pool or slide;
  • access to the water, pools or slides is only in a swimsuit;
  • the following items of clothing are not swimwear (the list is illustrative):
    • underwear of any kind, stockings of any kind;
    • shorts of any type, except for bathing shorts (shorts), T-shirt, tank top;
    • clothes (shorts, blouses, jeans, overalls, suits, etc.) made of the following materials: corduroy, jeans material, denim, flannel, hemp cloth, leather, linen cloth, cotton, crepe material, silk, towel material , velvet, wool. Shorts and bathing suits made of cotton, especially for bathing, are allowed.
    • clothing (shorts, blouses, jeans, suits, costumes, etc.) for other activities or sports, including those made of synthetic materials such as spandex, acrylic, nylon, synthetic silk (e.g. rayon) (examples: cycling costumes, football equipment, etc.);

The following items of clothing constitute swimwear:

  • special bathing/swimming briefs;
  • special short trousers for bathing/swimming (shorts);
  • women’s swimwear, one-piece or two-piece;

In case of violation of this rule the Aquapark staff will ask you to leave the pool or will deny you access to the slides.

  • in saunas it is forbidden to wear clothes except bathing suits and it is compulsory to use a towel.
  • Topless exposure of females is not permitted in the Aquapark Complex.

The use of soap or other body wash/cleansing substances or clothing and body creams is not permitted outside the shower cubicles. For hygienic reasons, brush massages or the use of scrubs are not allowed in the complex. Body grooming procedures using hair removal substances and/or devices are not allowed.

No long, loose hair is allowed in the pool or on the waterslides (the use of a bathing cap or at least a hair clip is recommended).

Children up to the age of 3 must wear special water/bath diapers in the pool. Children up to 5 years of age must wear swim fins or other devices to keep them afloat and out of the way. Children under 5 years of age entering swimming pools without a safety restraint system must assume all risks on the part of parents or carers.

Strollers will be left in the designated area and strollers will not be allowed in the seating areas, starting from the locker room exit.

It is forbidden to block doors (especially emergency exit doors) or vents on glazed facades with deckchairs, bags, towels or other objects.

Assuming the need for quiet and relaxation of all visitors, loud talking, shouting, use of obscene or aggressive expressions are prohibited throughout the Aquapark. Also, the entire bathing and relaxation area, as well as the saunas and steam baths, will be peaceful.

Emotional expressions and intimate discussions should be decent and without disturbing people around. Intimate interactions of a physical nature are punishable by a ban on access – without refund of the entrance fee already paid – and, if necessary, the competent authorities will be notified.

Intoxication with alcohol or other psychoactive substances (drunkenness, drunkenness, etc.) is forbidden, reasonable consumption of alcohol is allowed. Aquapark reserves the right to limit or refuse the serving of alcohol on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstances, as well as to prohibit intoxicated persons from consuming alcohol and to remove them from the premises – (and in case of endangering or disturbing the activities of other visitors, they will not be refunded the entrance fee already paid).

Each visitor is obliged to behave in such a way that other visitors are not disturbed.


Visitors will not use the sauna for more than 10 minutes continuously. Prolonged exposure in the sauna can cause nausea, dizziness and fainting and for people with health problems serious accidents.

No shoes, clothing, food or drinks are allowed in the sauna.

Phones, tablets or devices that have a lithium-ion battery, as well as external batteries, should be left outside the sauna, as there is a risk of explosion or contamination with harmful elements that can be inhaled by customers in the sauna. Sports watches and fitness bracelets may only be used if they are certified as water and temperature resistant, otherwise Aquapark will not be liable for any damage to them or other harm to the items or to visitors.

It is forbidden to enter the saunas with slippers/slippers and bathrobes, which will be left outside at the entrance.

Inside the saunas, a towel large enough for the whole body (including up to under the feet) should be used and placed on the bench before sitting on the bench to avoid any contamination of the benches. Alternatively, two towels can be used, one for the body and one to be placed under the feet.

Any kind of metal, plastic or other jewellery that can be deformed at high temperatures must be removed before entering the sauna, otherwise Aquapark will not be liable for any damage or other harm caused to these objects or visitors.

Reservations for sauna seats are not accepted. Unattended or abandoned items in the sauna will be removed by authorised staff.

Considering the very high temperature and, as the case may be, the humid environment, diffused light, stepped benches and various heat sources or the different aromas used, access to the sauna is done at your own risk, with increased caution and access to people with cardio problems is prohibited -vascular, with febrile conditions, with low or high blood pressure, with severe cardiovascular or broncho-pulmonary conditions, under the influence of alcoholic beverages, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, narcotics or tranquilizers, etc., as well as pregnant women or during menstruation. As a rule, only perfectly healthy people can use saunas. If you have any doubts about your health, we recommend that you consult a doctor before using the saunas to avoid possible complications.

During the use of the sauna you are obliged to follow the instructions in the Rules, the posted instructions and the instructions of the staff.

Minors under the age of 14 are not allowed in the sauna area and saunas.

For proper hygiene, showering is mandatory both before and after entering the saunas, and entering the sauna will be done only after slippers and robes are left outside at the sauna entrance.

After the sauna session comes the part of returning to normal body temperature. After each sauna visit, cool off in one of the showers in the sauna vicinity to bring your body temperature back to normal and get your blood moving, as well as to cleanse your body.

Slippers/slippers and bathrobes should be left outside the entrance to the saunas.

Inside the saunas, a towel large enough for the whole body (including up to under the feet) should be used to avoid any contamination of the benches. Alternatively, you can use two towels, one for your body and one to put your feet on.

The introduction and use of own infusion solutions in saunas is strictly prohibited. Infusions will only be done by Aquapark staff.

After finishing the thermal bath or sauna, including the necessary lowering of the body temperature, visitors will cover themselves with a bathrobe or towel. This also applies to the gastronomy area.

It is forbidden to cover the technical equipment of saunas (e.g. radiators, air vents, heating fenders/sauna stoves, protective grills and thermometers) with objects or towels due to the danger of fire!


Appointments and bookings for massage therapies, body therapies and facials are made for the dedicated booths for these procedures at the reception of the dedicated area. Persons under 18 years of age cannot purchase body treatments, facials and massages. The receptionist has the right to ask for verification of the applicant’s age.

The price of therapies/treatments is not included in the access fee. Facial therapies/treatments are a separate, additional fee service that can only be purchased subject to availability.

I cannot attend massage and/or body therapy sessions:

  • pregnant women. This requires a doctor’s referral and can only be done by accredited pregnancy therapy specialists;
  • people with venous thrombosis (blood clots on veins/arteries, damage to vein/artery wall), painful and prominent varicose veins;
  • people with hypertension, oscillating, or in an acute state of hypertension;
  • people who have open wounds, fractures, skin diseases, or who have undergone a recent operation, suffer from endocrine-metabolic diseases such as diabetes or thyroid disease, have a fever;

The visitor is obliged to declare his/her health condition, prescribed medication and/or chronic illnesses when booking the massage/body therapies. The receptionist assigned to this sector verifies through a verbal anamnesis, allergies, deficiencies and condition of the client. By signing the massage voucher, the client is responsible for the declared state of health and the effect of the massage/therapy on him/her.

The pressure, sequence of work and technique used differs for each type of therapy. The information is given by the receptionist and the treatment is done according to an established protocol.


Since toboggans are sports equipment – their use involves risks specific to sports activities, which you assume as a user! At the same time, there is a risk of injury even when using a device that is built, tested and maintained in accordance with standards and even if the user follows the rules of use.

Before use it is mandatory and your responsibility to read and understand the instructions for use of the slide. Parents are directly responsible for the safety and supervision of their children and are obliged to read and explain the instructions to their children before they access playgrounds or slides.

Parents/carers will not allow children to use the slide unsupervised – taking full responsibility for the consequences of any accidents due to unsupervision.

The rules/instructions for the use of the slides can be found on the instruction boards next to each slide. Visitors will respect these rules and instructions. The purpose of any limitations of use stated on these boards is primarily to ensure the safety of visitors. In case of improper use visitors assume the risk of injury.

The use of toboggans by:

  • people under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances;
  • people who cannot swim;
  • persons under the age or height limit indicated on the signs or contrary to the instructions in the Rules and posted;

In particular, the following rules should be paid attention to:

  • climbing the slides will be done with extra care and consideration for other visitors;
  • running is strictly forbidden!
  • the slides can only be used after the route has been cleared, leaving a sufficient space and safety time in front; it is the visitor’s responsibility to ensure, before launching the slide, that sufficient time has passed since the previous person launched the slide.
  • posted safety instructions, electronic displays and, where they exist, turnstiles and access directions must be observed;
  • visitors must leave the slide exit area immediately after using the slide; visitors who do not leave the slide exit area immediately shall be liable for any accidents caused thereby;

The Aquapark is not responsible for damage/damage to swimsuits caused by the use of the slides. On toboggans in particular are prohibited:

  • any sliding position other than that prescribed in the instructions;
  • face/back turn in the slide;
  • stopping in the slide area or at the slide exit;
  • use of toboggans without a collar;
  • climbing up and down the slide;
  • standing up in the slide.

Visitors must respect the age limitations on each type of slide. In the slide area, children will be supervised at all times by a parent/guardian or an adult authorised by the parent or guardian.

In case of violation of the rules concerning slides and playgrounds, access to the premises may be denied without refunding the amounts already paid.


The thermal water has a therapeutic effect if recommended by qualified medical professionals or by specially designated Aquapark staff assigned to this sector.

Thermal water is not recommended for people suffering from the following conditions:

  • hypertension;
  • angina pectoris;
  • recovery after stroke;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • heart rhythm disturbances;
  • heart failure;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • ovarian cyst;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • infectious disease;
  • malignant tumours;
  • pregnancy;
  • epilepsy;
  • mental disorders;

If you have any doubts about your health, we recommend that you consult a doctor before the thermal baths to avoid possible complications.

We recommend that the duration of the thermal bath increases gradually, from a maximum of 15 minutes to 45 minutes over a few days. We do not recommend prolonged bathing in the thermal water, each visitor assuming all the effects of bathing for longer periods.

Swimming and jumping are prohibited in the thermal pools.

Aquapark points out that the temperature of the thermal water cannot be strictly controlled and visitors accept and assume that this temperature cannot be guaranteed by Aquapark and may reach a certain degree of intolerance for the body.

Aquapark does not recommend bathing children under the age of 3 in the thermal pools, parents or carers who disregard this recommendation assume full responsibility for the effects of such baths on children.

When leaving the thermal pools, visitors are advised to wash in the showers.



  • use of high tone, aggressive tone, shouting;
  • offensive expressions and indecent expressions/gestures;
  • any physical violence (including “joking”, pushing/kicking other visitors, etc.);
  • access with any kind of objects/accessories on the slides, apart from bathing suits and access bracelet (watches, jewellery, ornaments, electronic equipment);
  • access with T-shirts in swimming pools or on slides (especially loose T-shirts on slides are prohibited). Special swimming shirts made of neoprene or similar materials are allowed;
  • using mobile phones in a way that disturbs other people (e.g. talking loudly or taking photos of other people without their permission);
  • mobile phone access to the pool, slides or sauna;
  • access with filming, photographing or recording devices in the pool or on the slides;
  • photographing and/or filming professionally (including using telephoto cameras or other professional devices) as well as photographing and filming other people if it disturbs these other people or violates their rights. You are solely responsible for infringements of other people’s rights in such cases;
  • pulling ornamental plants (natural or artificial) or their leaves, climbing on these plants, breaking flowers;
  • soiling/infestation of bathing areas and pools (e.g. urinating and other bodily eliminations in bath water, building glasses, washing cosmetic masks, etc.);
  • blocking emergency exits with sunbeds or other objects;
  • walking barefoot in front of wardrobe closets;
  • access with street clothes or shoes to the showers as well as to the whole relaxation area;
  • trimming, shaving or dyeing hair;
  • performing a pedicure or manicure outside the specially designed cosmetic treatment areas;
  • the introduction or consumption on the premises of food or beverages (especially alcoholic beverages), purchased outside the Complex, as well as objects prohibited by the Regulations. Special items, food and drinks are allowed to be brought in and consumed on the premises for visitors under 3 years of age;
  • moving food or drink from one area of the premises to another;
  • consuming food or drink in a swimming pool or waterslide;
  • bringing weapons of any kind or tools and/or implements onto the premises;
  • spitting on the floor;
  • smoking, including outdoor smoking (incl. electronic cigarettes). The exception to this is the specially equipped smoking areas with ashtrays in the outdoor areas of the premises;
  • entering or exiting the pools by any means other than the entrance steps and stairs. This rule is necessary because of the danger of injury when attempting to access or exit the edges of pools and their covers. The instructions on the pool plates, where they exist, will be followed;
  • placing towels, gowns, T-shirts or other items on the grab rails;
  • jumping into the water from the edge of pools or pushing or throwing other people into the water;
  • performing gymnastic exercises on the access stairs or handrails;
  • wearing slippers/slippers or swimming laps in the water;
  • the introduction and use of mattresses or other play equipment in the water;
  • the introduction and use on the premises of radios, TVs, musical or signalling instruments, board games or other noisy games, binoculars, audio speakers;
  • distribution of any advertising material, including in the car park;
  • organising fundraisers or money collections of any kind without the Aquapark’s consent;
  • use in any way of the Aquapark facilities (including the grounds) for commercial, illegal, immoral or other improper purposes.

Food and drinks in restaurants may only be consumed in specially designed restaurant areas, on terraces, in outdoor or bar areas. Drinks in unbreakable plastic, polycarbonate or cardboard containers can also be consumed in the sun lounger areas.


All facilities and installations in the Aquapark will be used with care and responsibility by visitors.

Each visitor is liable for damages caused by his/her actions or behaviour, such as improper use, soiling or damage to the Aquapark facilities/equipment/facilities. Each visitor is also liable for any damage he/she causes to third parties (including material or immaterial damage caused to other visitors).

Parents or guardians are liable for damages caused by children or incapacitated persons according to civil law.

Apart from any other causes of mandatory liability provided by law or provided below, as well as with the exception of cases of force majeure or fortuitous circumstances, the Aquapark will in no case be liable to you, as a visitor, for any kind of damages , injury or damage caused to you or your property, as a result of your presence in the Aquapark or due to the use contrary to these Regulations of the facilities and services offered by the Aquapark.

The Aquapark is liable for damages caused to the life, physical integrity or health of visitors only if they occur as a result of an action or omission of the Aquapark regarding the safety in the use of products and services. Correlatively, the Aquapark is not responsible for damages caused to your life, bodily integrity or health as a visitor, if these damages are due to you or if they occur as a result of non-compliance with these Regulations or in other circumstances that assume your fault, as well as if they are due to other people or are produced by their fault or if the cause of their production is not known.

In the case of body or cosmetic treatments (e.g. masks or cosmetic treatments, infusions, etc.) the Aquapark is not responsible for possible skin irritations caused by them — it is your responsibility to consult a specialist in the field to find out if these treatments may affect you health/bodily integrity. This provision shall also apply to staining of clothing in the context of such body or cosmetic treatments.

You, as a visitor, accept and agree that the Aquapark is not liable for material or immaterial damage, injury or damage suffered by you in the context of your presence in the Aquapark or in connection with the use of the facilities and services offered by the Aquapark. For example:

– The Aquapark is in no way responsible for the theft of your property on the premises of the Complex. Visitors are expressly advised not to bring valuables (e.g. jewellery, electronics, valuable clothing/apparel) onto the premises. However, if a visitor does have valuables on their person, they are advised to deposit them in the special lockers for valuables. However, the Aquapark states that special lockers for valuables are a facility offered to customers, and their provision does not imply that the Aquapark is responsible for the contents stored in them. The Aquapark does not assume any responsibility for the supervision or guarding of goods taken by visitors on the premises (including parking). The provisions of this paragraph shall apply to goods stored in both the cloakroom locker and a valuables locker. Depositing or leaving money and valuables in the locker or in a valuables locker does not imply any obligation on the part of the Aquapark with regard to the items deposited. The Aquapark also has no obligation of custody or safekeeping of the goods, which by law is the responsibility of the depositary. Furthermore, it is strictly the Aquapark visitor’s responsibility to close the locker and/or valuables locker after use, to check its proper closure and to keep the access key or bracelet safe;

  • The Aquapark is not responsible in any way for the destruction, damage or failure of your belongings in the Aquapark premises, regardless of how they occur (e.g. by dousing with water, dropping or voluntarily entering the pools, falling on foot, hitting, etc.);
  • The Aquapark is not responsible for the integrity/condition of the vehicles in the parking lot, nor for the goods left inside the vehicles; for vehicles parked in the parking spaces the Aquapark does not assume any responsibility for damage, destruction or theft. Both in the parking lot and on all traffic surfaces of the Complex, the general traffic code is valid.
  • The Aquapark assumes no responsibility for possible color changes, discolorations or aesthetic or material damage to the swimwear or jewelry/watches, as they may occur as a result of the composition or temperature of the water (sulphur, thermal water);
  • The Aquapark is not responsible for damages caused to visitors by cases of force majeure, fortuitous events, accidents or malfunctions caused by causes other than the fault of the Aquapark (e.g. power outage);

Visitors who find abandoned or lost items on the premises or in the car park should hand them in at reception. All items forgotten after the end of the public program are collected and stored as follows:

  • valuables (including, but not limited to: phones, tablets, valuable jewelry, laptops, electronics, sums of money greater than 100 lei, etc.) will be kept for the duration of the legal term of 10 days; after the expiration of the legal term, these goods are handed over to the authorities;
  • items of low value will be kept for a period of 6 months, after which they will be donated to an association or non-profit institution;

You, as a visitor to the Aquapark, implicitly agree to the following, following the completion of the access formalities:

  • you agree with Aquapark’s right to determine what items are or are not of value (we are not legally required to professionally appraise them);
  • you agree to the donation of lost and unclaimed items, as decided by Aquapark, to a non-profit association or institution, the company being authorized by this contract by you to make this donation – but manually.

With the end of the summer season and the onset of cold weather, there may be restrictions on the use of the facilities, both in the parking lot and in the outdoor spaces, as well as in the garden area and that of the outdoor swimming pools of the Aquapark. The use of outdoor areas during winter is in principle at your own risk.


Access is forbidden if you have symptoms or are suspected of being infected with the COVID-19 virus. If there is suspicion of infection with the COVID-19 virus among visitors inside the Complex, due to symptoms or other pertinent information, the Aquapark will declare the immediate termination of the contract concluded with you.

If you do not comply with the obligations set out in these Regulations, the Aquapark has the right to declare the immediate termination of the contract concluded with you — the termination of the contract takes place at the moment when you are verbally informed by the Aquapark staff that you have the obligation to leave the premises, without any other formality or the intervention of courts or public order bodies being necessary; If the Aquapark staff considers that your breach of obligations is not serious, you will only receive a verbal warning, following which the termination of the contractual relations will be notified upon the following findings of violations of the Regulation;

The Aquapark informs you that any violation of these Rules and Regulations shall IMMEDIATELY result in the Aquapark exercising the right to terminate the contract and ban you from the Complex:

  • any acts of physical or verbal violence or aggression;
  • verbal assaults of any kind or any other harassing, indecent, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour against female persons;
  • loud talking, aggressive tone, noise;
  • offensive expressions and indecent expressions/gestures and any kind of indecent behaviour;
  • endangering safety and order;
  • disturbing other visitors in any way.

If the Aquapark has declared the termination of the contract, and the staff has informed you that you have the obligation to leave the premises, you must immediately hand over the items belonging to the Aquapark (including the access bracelet), pay the price of the services (if applicable) and leave immediately , in order and quiet, the premises. In the event that you do not comply with the provisions of this paragraph, you assume the responsibility that the security staff of the Aquapark will lead you to the exit and hand you over to the legal authorities (the protection and security company operating inside and outside the premises or the police, as the case may be ). If you resist, you accept the consequences that Aquapark security personnel have the right to use all necessary means, including forcible or involuntary handling of you to lead you out of the Complex and hand you over to law enforcement. In cases of termination of the contract due to non-compliance by visitors, the entrance fee paid will not be refunded.

If Aquapark has declared the termination of contractual relations, and the staff has indicated to you that you have the obligation to leave the premises, as well as if you do not pay the due financial obligations at the exit, Aquapark RESERVES THE RIGHT NOT TO CONCLUDE ANOTHER CONTRACT WITH AND TO PROHIBIT ACCESS TO YOUR FACILITIES AND PREMISES FOR AN INDEFINITE PERIOD. In such a case, you will no longer have the right to enter the Aquapark premises (including the parking lot), and you accept that this prohibition cannot be based on any reason of discrimination. In the case of persons attempting to enter the premises despite the prohibition, a report will be made to the police for applicable offences.

Those who illegally enter or attempt to enter the Aquapark property or premises, by not paying the entrance fee, or fraudulently using payment services, as well as by using access routes other than those open to the public, will be immediately evicted from the premises , and the competent police bodies will be notified about them.


Discriminatory attitudes or behaviour are not tolerated in the Aquapark. Any kind of discrimination based on race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, social category, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc., or on the basis of any other criterion that has the purpose or effect of restricting the use is prohibited or the exercise, under conditions of equality, of any legal rights.


Aquapark processes, by default, personal data belonging to customers/visitors/commercial partners or other categories of data subjects (including minors or incapacitated), which are obtained directly or indirectly from them, alone or together with partners, agents or suppliers of services, in order to fulfill the purposes according to its processing activities, in accordance with the national and European legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data.

Details regarding the processing of personal data are provided by Aquapark in the “Personal Data Privacy Policy“, which is an integral part of these Regulations.


The Rules of Operation and Conduct are also applicable to the general use of the pools, slides, saunas and other facilities within the Aquapark. In the case of special events, exceptional rules may be applicable without the need for a special revocation or express amendment of these Rules.


Any person who is a member of the Aquapark staff may exercise the rights and duties set out in these Rules in relation to any visitor. Aquapark staff instructions must be followed by visitors, as long as they are not clearly contrary to law and order.


For suggestions, requests and complaints you can contact us at Alternatively, you can fill in a form which is available in special areas within the premises or at the cash registers.

The deadline for response is 30 calendar days from the time of submission of the complaint or, as the case may be, its receipt by Aquapark.


The Rules of Operation and Conduct entered into force on 31.03.2023 and apply for an indefinite period.

Amazonia Aquapark Administration

Parking regulation

Welcome to Amazonia car park

Pay parking opening hours

Monday-Sunday from 00:00 to 24:00

Depending on the occupancy of parking spaces or other exceptional situations, access to the parking area may be temporarily restricted. Amazonia reserves the right to delimit certain areas of the parking area.

Parking fees

The parking fee for Aquapark customers is 15 lei/day, provided they validate their parking ticket at the Aquapark reception before leaving the premises.

Hotel, Clinic or Asian Therapies clients must present confirmation of their appointment to receive free parking.

The rate for non-Aquapark customers is 7 lei/h.

Maximum parking time 24 h.


Applicable rules

This car park is private property where the current legislation on traffic on public roads applies;

Admission to the Amazonia car park with a ticket implies acceptance of these regulations;

Entrance to the Amazonia car park is by parking ticket. Drivers will not enter the car park without the ticket issued at the opening of the access barrier, as exit from the car park is permitted only after payment and validation of the parking ticket;

When you reach the entrance barrier press the button to release the parking ticket. Once you have collected your ticket, wait until the barrier opens and follow the signs


road markings;

-maximum speed is 5 km/h;

-for your safety, we recommend driving with headlights on in parking areas;

-all car park users are obliged to comply with the instructions given by the car park staff;

– the driver of the vehicle must park the vehicle in the space designated for it and carefully observe all the internal signals in the parking lot and the provisions of this regulation. Every driver has the obligation to properly park the vehicle in such a way that it occupies only one parking space and does not hinder/impede the occupation of parking spaces in the immediate vicinity. Otherwise, if a single vehicle occupies two parking spaces, a double hourly parking fee will be charged, if a single vehicle occupies three parking spaces, a triple hourly parking fee will be charged, etc.;

-Leaving the car park is done only after validation and payment of the parking fee, using the access ticket;

– after payment of the parking fee, the parking right is cancelled. From the moment of payment, each customer has 30 minutes free of charge to get to and from the car park. Otherwise, the fee will be due for an additional hour of parking or for a longer period of time, depending on the customer’s parking and will be charged;

– the opening of the exit barriers is automatic, after the paid entry ticket has been inserted into the barrier reader;

– in case of loss/destruction of the ticket, a fee of 100 RON will be charged at the reception;

– bicycles, tricycles, scooters, motorcycles and other moped-type vehicles will be parked in specially designated and signposted areas and may stay for a maximum of 23 consecutive hours in one day if they have entered with an access ticket or 14 consecutive hours in one day if they have entered with an access card;

– if motor vehicles, bicycles, tricycles, scooters, motorcycles and other moped-type vehicles violate the provisions of this regulation and/or park for more than 23 consecutive hours in a day, if they entered with an access ticket or 14 consecutive hours in one day, if they entered with an access card, AMAZONIA reserves the right to relocate the vehicle with its driver bearing all related costs, including relocation tax and related stationary costs. For the pick-up of each vehicle, the customer will be charged a pick-up and relocation fee at the AMAZONIA car park according to the rate charged by the local public administration. If the vehicle is to be collected and relocated to a local authority storage facility, the collection, relocation and storage fee shall be charged in accordance with the tariff charged by the local authority;

– the AMAZONIA administration does not assume liability for any damage that may occur as a result of the removal/relocation of the vehicle;

– any damage caused to the parking premises will incur the liability of the person who caused the damage and the obligation to repair and/or bear the costs of repair;

– AMAZONIA management may group, divide or relocate parking spaces in the AMAZONIA car park for the purpose of expansion and modernisation or for any other commercial reason. During the period of these operations, access to the ticketed car park may be restricted;

– the car park is under video surveillance. The video cameras are intended solely for stream monitoring, the video recordings are not available to the public;

– the car park management does not take responsibility for the integrity of the cars and goods left in them;

– all the tariffs set out in this Regulation include VAT;

– the following are prohibited in the AMAZONIA car park:

– parking in places where stopping and/or parking is prohibited;
– parking on access/egress routes/supply areas;
– parking a motor vehicle, bicycle, tricycle, scooter, motorcycle or other moped-type vehicle that has been ticketed for more than 14 consecutive hours in one day;
– parking in marked spaces reserved for vehicles with reduced mobility or disabilities, except for persons who have this right and proof is prominently displayed;
– parking of non-electric vehicles on sites which are equipped with electric supply installations, except for vehicles with electric motors and which are in the process of being supplied;
– failure to observe signs and markings in the parking area;
– parking in the parking spaces of emergency vehicles belonging to the police, fire brigade and ambulance services without having this right;
– access and circulation of vehicles operating with LPG installation, vehicles with out-of-gauge, animal-drawn vehicles and those with trailers, semi-trailers or with visible defects;
– access to the parking lot with cars for driving school courses;
– leaving unattended minors, unattended animals, flammable substances or dangerous objects in vehicles;
– carrying out car repairs, any car maintenance activities (e.g. oil or antifreeze changes) or refuelling;
– parking of motor vehicles in motorcycle parking spaces;
– parking of motor vehicles in spaces reserved exclusively for electric motor vehicles;
– displaying the vehicle for sale or putting up posters advertising the sale of the vehicle;
– pedestrian access to vehicular access routes; this is via access routes/lanes marked as intended for pedestrian use;
– smoking;
– storage in any area of the car park of any materials, products, objects, etc;

The Amazonia Administration reserves the right to unilaterally amend these regulations for further information, please contact the info parking centres.

Thank you!