Vacation every day


Green spaces, tree-lined gardens and outdoor pools combine perfectly to create an unforgettable experience.

Group 53976@2x min - Amazonia Aquapark

Join in the fun


If you want an unforgettable experience, don’t miss this complex. 7 water slides with a height of 25 m and a total length of 310 m await you in a huge complex of 1000 m2.

Get ready for maximum fun and come and discover the Splash Zone, perfect for relaxation, or the water toys, suitable for all ages.

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Your exotic vacation


In the heart of an oasis of greenery, shimmering under the warm sun, there is a 500 sq m pool (25.4 m long, 13 m wide, maximum depth 140 cm) waiting for you to spend relaxing moments with your loved ones. This corner of paradise offers a constant escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, turning every day into an exotic adventure full of joy and serenity.

Surrounded by flourishing nature and beautiful scenery, you will be captivated by the dreamy atmosphere and feel time lose its meaning. Every sunrise and sunset brings with it the magic of a new day spent in an atmosphere of perpetual holiday. Here, every moment is a story in itself and every smile becomes part of an unforgettable memory.

Group 53975@2x min - Amazonia Aquapark

Play all day


Created especially for the enjoyment of children up to 10 years old, this aquatic complex attracts the little ones with its 6 water slides with a total height of 15 meters. Here, little ones can venture into a world of fun and energy, discovering new and exciting sensations in a safe environment adapted to their needs.

To ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience, the water temperature in the pool is kept at a constant friendly 26 degrees Celsius. So whatever the weather conditions, children can enjoy warm water and slide adventures without worrying about the temperature. These special facilities make every day spent in this water paradise an unforgettable experience for the little ones and the whole family.

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Relax your body


Enjoy an oasis of relaxation and healing through the invigorating experience of thermal water, which offers you a series of incredible health benefits. From relieving rheumatism to treating dermatological, joint and neurological conditions, thermal water is your body’s natural ally, helping you feel revitalized and healthy.

By immersing yourself in this experience, you will find that not only is your body released from tension and discomfort, but your mind is also deeply relaxed, giving you a moment of inner peace and balance. Let yourself be carried away by the warm waves of the thermal water and allow yourself to recharge with positive energy and feel rejuvenated in every cell of your being.

Group 53972@2x min - Amazonia Aquapark

Feel like you're in the Olympics


3-2-1! Get ready for an intense swimming session. This pool has a length of 50 m, an area of 1300 sq m (Length-49.9 m, Width-21.8 m, maximum depth 140 cm) and 3 lanes, so you can experience the Olympic.

In addition, you can enjoy the water jet massage cannons, which will help you relax both before and after your swimming session.

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Group 54809@2x min - Amazonia Aquapark
Group 20490@2x min - Amazonia Aquapark

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